Our story - Nut & Bean

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Our Beginings

My interest in healthy cooking started in my mid-twenties. Until then, I had zero interest in healthy food, having a healthy lifestyle and even less interest in cooking. My family would often joke that I might die of hunger when I move out on my own.

This journey into holistic nutrition all started when I got really sick. I needed major surgery and was in hospital for a couple of weeks. When I got back home, I hated feeling helpless and scared that this would happen again, which I was told by the specialist in charge of my case was not only possible, but highly likely. While my surgery, according to every doctor I spoke to, had nothing to do with diet and lifestyle, I knew that I wanted to do everything and anything within my powder to treat my body better. It’s only when you’re about to lose something that you realise how important it is. To me, this was my health.

I started looking online and trying to find information about healing foods, what our bodies really need to function optimally and I started experimenting with healthier living and cooking.

Eventually, I studied nutrition formally and got three diplomas on the topic. I love sharing what I’ve learnt over the years and I do this on my blog and social media pages – linked below.

What I learnt, no matter which way you slice it, points to a heavily plant based whole foods diet.

Essentially eating foods that come from fields as opposed to factories. Foods that are made in kitchens and not laboratories.

Many people have gotten in touch with me over the years who would love to make this change but lack the time or knowledge to do so. I would receive message after message asking me to make plant based, nutritious food for them and eventually I decided to do just that. This is how NUT AND BEAN was born.


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